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Inc.. Berber carpet looks so great from the shop. However, I will ‘t say it enough times – Berber is your design or weave of a rug, it’s not the kind of fiber of a carpeting. So Berber carpeting can be made from different kinds of fibers or mixtures of fibers. The earnings hype surrounding Berber rug was originally unintentional. The Olefin narrative and customer ignorance are the offenders. The customer, and much too frequently the carpeting seller too, is naive to the fiber material of carpeting as well as what it means concerning functionality and necessary maintenance. The material here is meant to notify anybody with wrought space to prevent any purchase of a rug without having a precise comprehension of exactly what Berber is and is NOT.

Really superior carpeting, such as those manufactured from 100% Nylon or Wool, will endure for 10 or more years beneath the worse traffic requirements. Cared for properly that amount doubles or triples for Nylon and much more so for wool rug. The "poor " Berber is made from polypropylene, frequently known as Olefin or even PolyOlefin. It’s quite a poor reputation. So carpeting manufacturers are still dreaming up new merchandise titles each day to conceal the reality that it’s Olefin, Polypropylene is a inexpensive polymer and contains only one famous actual worth in the realm of carpeting especially as it’s made into purely carpet backing material. Because this inexpensive fiber could be woven into Berber design, it’s a really misleading imposter of their most effective soft floor coverings, Nylon or even the luxury Wool carpeting.

Wool, is the sole option to Nylon carpeting and retains just a small percentage (less than 5 percent in the USA) of this market because of price and lifestyle variables. Wool carpet is generally offered to the very upscale residential and industrial property owners. But for approximately a decade Olefin Berber was pushed hard as a Berber option that customers dropped for it. In actual usage, the outcome is that the continuous complaints by customers of inferior operation and misrepresentations of the goods.

Below are a few of the thousands of mails we get complaining about the greatest mistake a house owner can produce with respect to Berber carpeting. The end, Berber carpeting (unless manufactured from 100% cotton or 100% cotton ) is your worst carpeting to purchase now! For the record, we don’t sell carpeting in any way. Our acceptance of Nylon and Wool relies on real-life experience for at least 20 decades and our solutions on countless yards of carpeting. The moral of this story would be to instruct yourself BEFORE you get any carpeting! Color Your Carpet will post a variety of articles to help you in this instruction.

I’ve posted a few of them . Stop by our Carpet Education webpages to learn more.

Hello Connie! I just completed reading your post re Berber carpet-I possess a looped Olefin Berber at a household room and can surely attest to the announcements made on your article-it isn’t possible to stay clean and is completely matted and seems disgusting. My difficulty is I was preparing to replace it with a cut-berber made from this PET polyester-it needed a high density and also confront weight so I believed I would be purchasing a much better product-I’m happy I read your post. Can there be a rug you’d advocate putting in a popular living room which has a garage and rear yard accessibility? Thank you for your post and assist. Donna R.

The carpeting (Olefin Berber) has been amazing. Currently, 1 child and two dogs afterwards, the carpeting looks like crap! The pet hair is really stuck in the carpeting. We had it professionally cleaned approximately 6-8 weeks ago. In under a month, the carpeting looked worse than ever. In certain areas where we cleaned it up left what seems like a mild blue-gray stain. I’m embarrassed that people come over. Since I could ‘t make it to look great! I wouldn’t ever purchase Berber again! The Bizzells.

(not everybody knows I’m a girl )

Help! I’m a new renter in an aggressively with NEW Berber carpeting. It’s shredding the bottoms of the feet! I must wear slippers at ALL times or the skin in my feet and balls of my feet only bleed and liquefy. (gross, I know) Other than going, what do I do this I can walk about the Berber carpeting and rescue my poor little foot?

Just finished reading your webpage and I wish to thank you. I’ve got a rental home and has been contemplating purchasing a Berber for this. Obviously, it had been the Olefin sort, they sure tried to put one on me. I know that isn’t the way I’m likely to go. Not certain what I will do, but I do understand I won’t be placing the more hyped make think Berber in that house.

Hello Connie. I was reading your website. Attempting to locate stuff on Berber carpeting. We rented a house and also the owners installed Berber carpeting. Along with the base of my toes are demanding and the skin feels as though it’s been cut to ribbons. I hate shoes or wish to wear them to prevent this. I hate to proceed already and I have never been allergic to carpeting and hope in the event that you’ve heard of others that also have this issue. Thanks for your answer.

It’s a feature that the sellers fail to let you know about, assuming they know. We get a huge number of complaints similar to this. The solution would be to put area rugs or carpet runners made from Nylon or Wool from the walking areas, – or even to purchase fresh Nylon carpeting.

Colour ="#000066"We just recently moved into a new home and guess what sort of rug the builder install? BERBER. Our previous home had routine carpet and I need to mention it was inexpensive builder’s standard rug. I loathed it. I was excited at first when I discovered our new residence could have Berber. We had been in our home just two weeks when we discovered to snags in the carpet. I couldn’t believe it. I can honestly state I wish we had the routine (Nylon) carpeting. Our Olefin Berber carpeting looks like we’ve lived there for ten decades. We’ve just been around for four weeks. The stains from our carpeting are awful. I don’t enjoy the feel or appearance of this Berber whatsoever. Hopefully we could save yourself a little cash and replace it shortly – with actual carpeting – nylon. Thank you, Ashley.

Hey! I’d never by berber carpet . Until I can be confident it’s nylon. I’d Olefin berber carpeting installed in my home 3 decades back. And it seems terrible. There are places in my rug where it’s coming unraveled. A good deal of areas matter of truth. And the spots are terrible. We place in 1900 square feet of carpeting. We spent alot of money of the carpeting and it seems and cleanthiscarpet.com/best-carpet-cleaner-reviews feel awful. I would like to go bare footed in my carpet it’s the worse impression over the bottom of my toes. It’s hard. The guy that offered us the carpeting said stains could come up. That’s a lie. And It hasn’t done no good. 1 person told me to pour directly bleach in my berber carpeting it wouldn’t damage it but I didn’t do it. I can’t be about bleach odor. I’m rather disappointed in my berber rug Thank-You.

I have a brand new home 2 1/2 years old. I paid a hefty cost to update my carpeting to an offwhite cut berber. I don’t recall what it’s made of but it was the greatest mistake I ever made. I purchased an additional 5 year blot gaurantee with it in 3M which was a mistake also. The stains came back just a couple of days after cleanup. I phoned the 3M individuals and they said they’d replace my carpet although I needed to pay to get it all removed and lost. I couldn’t do it they stated. Nicely at $2,000 to carry up it I decided to not take action. Now 2 1/2 years later initially installed I am embarressed to have anybody over to my property. My elderly puppy has had a few mishaps and I have tried everything to wash up they but the carpeting yellowed bigtime. It’s horrible and I won’t ever purchase carpet again in the area which indicated it to me personally. Thank you Stephanie.

We had our berber rugs cleaned. When we attempted to wash these with Resolve, the carpeting (off-white with flecks of other colors), began to turn a brownish color. It was like the colour were coming out on the carpeting. We had back the cleaners to look at it, and they stated that it was probable the fiber pockets burst, bleeding on the remainder of the carpeting. They stated this probably occurred as a consequence of the heat/friction from transferring the furniture. Can this really be true?

Notice to Miriam: The carpeting cleaners don’t even know what they’re discussing as usual. The carpeting had been "scorched" in the furniture being transferred across it. Olefin has an extremely low tolerance for friction or heat. The blot is "burnt " carpeting. It can’t be fixed. Add a few white vinegar. This can remove most stains safely and maintain the carpeting from yellowing or browning. It is going to also avoid high pH build up which causes discoloration.

Hello, see your warnings concerning Berber carpeting. I’m replacing my 12 year-old saxony design nylon rug (that has held up really well) and has been attracted to the colour variation and feel of this Berber style. Obviously we all weren’t advised of some of it’s possible issues. The design I was attracted to was an Aladdin by Mohawk made from 100 percent Xylon Olefin. Which naturally, you cites isn’t the ideal fiber alternative for carpeting.

I am trying to find a durable, stain resistent, nevertheless textured/multi-colored for fashion. My primary issue is will it wash well? Allowed my present carpet has observed it’s day. Besides a tiny wear/matting from the high traffic place it’s held up really well. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Notice to Susan: Yes you will find excellent options in Nylon Berber. It’s a bit pricier but well worth it. We can’t alter the feel or glow of a rug, but we could revive the color or alter it to a brand-new colour and ALL STAINS will likely be removed, providing the carpeting the look of new carpeting. We could also add borders or layouts. But just on Nylon or Wool carpeting. Nylon cleans very nicely and will continue ans seem newer for several decades. In my experience, Olefin and polyester just has a REAL LIFE CYCLE look a good idea of less than three decades. Invest in Nylon for durability, look, security, simplicity of maintenance and relaxation.

Hello I have berber and it’s just 1 year old and we’ve had nothing but trouble with this particular carpeting it’d come unraveled in many areas and I have conducts around we predicted the place we purchased the carpeting and they informed us our vacuum was that the issue im not certain of this fiber material but we’re looking for out the manufacture of this carpeting and call them with the carpeting area states they won’t replace it what do we do HELP.

Keep records of each occasion and correspondence. Finally, we’ll find the eye of the carpeting manufacturers and perhaps they’ll take this merchandise off the market. I’ve gathered a significant heap of evidence contrary to the revenue strategies and misleading consumer marketing claims concerning polypropylene (Olefin), polyester and P.E.T. so hopefully soon somebody will take the necessary actions to bring this topic to the foreground of customer issues.

What exactly do I recommend? Unless you can spend wool, these would be the best options. Don’t get spoken to almost any "premium" price for Stainmaster or even Scotchgard, etc..

Demand written description and guarantee BEFORE you buy! When analyzing for quality, start looking for the fiber roots to be stitched quite carefully together. The more backing it is possible to observe if you component fibers, the more poor carpet it’s. Case in point – a fiber which has 3 spins (rungs) at a half inch elevation is much inferior carpet into a fiber which includes 6 spins in a quarter inch elevation.

Professional carpet dyeing & color restoration services to upscale residential or commercial home owners exclusively throughout our franchise system.

However, Color Your Carpet does and can dye Berber made from wool or nylon. And YES we could dye the "additional " Berber rugs, even the poor Olefin type. But colours are restricted compared to the countless colours we could offer on Nylon or Wool.

To find some of our colour samples wool Berber see our Carpet Samples page.

I want to listen to your story regarding Berber, bad or good. Please include the length of time you’ve had the Berber set up, the fiber material (olefin, polyester, PET, unidentified, mix, wool or nylon ), the colour, the price (complete & the number of square metres ), along with your expertise with durability, look, cleaning outcome, stains, pulls or some other significant matter. Additionally, allow me to know if I could publish your letter. Allow Me to know what you think through telephone or:

Please see our company site for more rug details!

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